About Us

Founded by founders

Based in sunny San Diego, CA, Hoverboard Labs was founded by Seth Siegler after the technology of his last venture was acquired. The team around him consists of those who have been coding, like him, since childhood in the 80’s. We’re a diverse team with the skills and experience to understand what lies ahead, in the path of each project we undertake.

We know what it’s like to be in the shoes of a founder. We know that money doesn’t grow on trees. Our goal is to deliver your project quickly, efficiently, affordably and with constant transparency. You have the dream. We have the code. Let’s make it happen.



About Seth Siegler

Seth founded Hoverboard Labs after selling the technology of his previous startup, Robot Workshop, to Showing Suite, Inc and serving as that company’s CTO for a year. Hoverboard Labs serves as the home of Seth’s brainchildren like Home Genome but also as a way to hire Seth and his team of programers and project managers for projects of your own. When not hammering away at a keyboard, you might find Seth out on the water racing sailboats or kiteboarding. If there’s no wind, he might be out for a skate in the sunny streets of San Diego.


Package Pricing

Let us quote your project at a fixed price instead of watching the hours add up while your bank account drains.

  • MVP packages for your startup
  • Turn-key, flat rate iOS apps
  • What we quote is what we charge. End of story.


Budget Friendly

We offer world class, CA-based coding. But that doesn’t mean you’re going to need a second mortgage to pay for it. Things aren’t as difficult or expensive as they used to be. We leverage today’s most modern techniques to deliver your project most efficiently.

Let’s Talk

Drop a line and let’s talk about your project.

Mobile Apps

iPhone? Android? We've got you covered. Bring your ideas and we'll turn them into a real app. We'll be by your side all the way through submission to the app store.

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Web Applications

We love Ruby on Rails. A lot. It's almost a little awkward. Whether you're looking for a simple interactive tool for your small business or a massive big data, machine learning project, we have you covered. All apps are delivered to you with crystal-clear documentation, clean code and a best-in-class six month warranty.  

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API Development

If you need an API and uptime, security and ease of use are important to you, then we should talk. We've been building API's since the very beginning and it's at the very core of what we do. Using today's most current and widely accepted API standards, we'll set you up with a RESTful, JSON responding beauty so the world can easily interact with your platform.

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