How Much Does It Cost To Make an App

Ah, the most popular question!

“How much does it cost to make my app?” 

The question is simple but the answer can be a little bit complex.

What it really comes down to is how long it takes your developer to build it. This is where developer experience really comes in. Can you find someone to build your app for $25 per hour? Sure. Have they ever built anything like what you’re asking them for? If not, they are going to take a very long time to learn how to do it. And that learning is on your dime.

Since we’ve been building apps for many years now, we have developed a certain economy of scale. We have particular experience in P2P apps, real estate apps and apps for small businesses. Since we’ve made these types of apps so many times, we know exactly what’s involved and don’t have to add any “padding” or extra hours to our prices. You don’t have to pay while we learn about the best way to do it. In fact, we’ll give you a fixed bid before we start and you can make weekly or monthly payments as we go along. The price never changes once we quote you.

Since our background is in our own previous startups, we understand the need for speed, quality and economy.

So, back to the original question: “How much is it going to cost?”

The best way to know that is to drop us a line to ask. But since curiosity gets the best of all of us every now and then, here are a few recent projects we’ve quoted as examples:

  • iOS app with custom ruby on rails backend, admin console, social login – $25,500
  • Complex iOS app with highly customized design and six external API’s and exporting leads to a CRM (iOS-only and custom rails backend) – $48,000
  • Real estate search app (iOS-only, MVP style with custom rails or elixir backend and admin) – $34,500
  • P2P Marketplace app (iOS and Android w/ custom Elixir backend and admin), very large and complex app – $65,000
  • JSON API with 12 endpoints, two factor authentication, expiring tokens (build in Elixir / Phoenix) – $31,000

Curious about what your idea might cost? Drop us a line and let’s find out for sure!

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