Mobile Apps

iPad? iPhone? Android? All of them?

If it’s a mobile device, we can build an app for it. Phones or tablets – we have you covered.

From wireframes to designs to coding to testing to app store submission, we’ll be there by your side. You bring the idea and we’ll do the rest. Before you know it, you’ll see your app in the app stores, ready for sale.

No idea is too wild either. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Budget Friendly

We know money doesn’t grow on trees. We’ve refined the way we build apps and that allows us to do it faster and more economically than the competition.

Made in San Diego

Don’t go offshore. We’ll build your app in sunny California in our small studio. We’re a real shop right here in America. You can even meet us for coffee if you want! (You’re buying though…)

Ready to Scale

There are always two ways to go when getting development done. Nobody wants to spend too much on a brand new idea. Who knows if it’s going to work?

We hear you.

We are budget friendly. We really are. But we also only build things that are ready for scale. Picture this: you get your app built cheap. You get it live on the web and it’s a hit! Sweet! But wait – was it built to handle this traffic? Probably not.

Building an app for scale doesn’t necessarily cost a lot more. But it does have to be done from the beginning. Adding scaling ability isn’t something that can happen after the fact. A strong app needs a strong foundation and that’s the only way we do things. If you trust us to develop your web app, you will receive a platform that’s ready for traffic and future features. Don’t get caught with a successful launch and a shakey foundation. Bring on the users!


What’s in the Box?

When we turn the keys over to you after we’re done you get more than just your code. You get a complete package.

  • Custom Ruby on Rails backend and API (not a backend)
  • Quality, tested code
  • Deployed and running on easy to manage cloud servers
  • Simple to use administration console
  • Clear documentation on how your app is structured and how to use it
  • Versioned code and commit history in private GitHub repo
  • Industry Leading 6 month code warranty including bug-fixes


Let’s talk

Drop us a line to discuss your project.

“If you have a dream, you can spend a lifetime studying, planning, and getting ready for it. What you should be doing is getting started.”–Drew Houston (Founder, Dropbox)

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